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The Arcari + Danesi Agricultural Company was born in 2006 from an idea developed 10 years earlier by Giovanni Arcari and Nico Danesi.

Friends since childhood, Giovanni and Nico have always worked in the world of wine, the former as a trader, the latter as an oenologist, both startuppers of wineries.

The cellar has always been their dream that has finally come true.


The winery is located in the municipality of Coccaglio, on top of Montorfano, the relief that delimits Franciacorta to the south.

The spaces of the company are completely excavated inside the hill and are entirely built with the rock extracted during the excavations. These are very particular rocks, created by millenary sediments, which are found only in this area of Franciacorta.

Montorfano, a hill of more ancient and tectonic origin than the other Franciacorta hills of morainic origin, has a ferrous and red soil that characterizes the wines with a lot of minerality.

The external square and the terraced vineyards that surround the cellar face south, towards the Po Valley, a small patch of land, which on clear days lets you see the Apennines quietly.


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